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about eastmon digital

Founded in 1961, Eastmon started out with eight stores across regional NSW.

Eastmon have been a leading Photographic name for over 55 years and now we have expanded our services to give you an amazing range of exciting new creative digital photography products.

No longer do you have to settle for just a 6x4” print stuck in a photo album, or left in a drawer somewhere. You can create a Photo Book, Photo Canvas, wear your photo on a wide range of apparel, create decorative pieces for home or the office, photo gifts for baby or the family pet... there’s something for everyone!

The stores were closed in 2010 and the business was moved online. Today, Eastmon still leads the way by developing new products and ways to share your images. A state of the art way of accessing our wealth of knowledge on photography, and the comfort of a trusted and long standing company taking care of your memories.

With hundreds of photo products, Eastmon will always have a photo solution for you that will bring joy to all your friends and family.

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